November 15, 2011

Program – Tuesday, November 15, 2011 – “Animal Calling” by Tim Miller

Tim Miller writes the Out-Door column for the Morning Times and is a science teacher at SRU.   He has presented a version of this program for the “Women in the Wild” at Mt. Pisgah. 

Tim covered many aspects of animal calling in this presentation, including some of the reason that animals make sounds and what time of year is best to hear the calls.  He discussed predator-prey relationships and covered the calls of many different birds and animals including adult Deer, bobcat. bobwhite quail, coyotes, crows, fawn, fox, goose, mouse, vole, mallard duck, owls, rabbit, raccoon, red tailed hawk, squirrel, turkey, and wood duck.   There was a little time to practice making calls, including using a turkey caller.

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