March 7, 2015

Open Forest 2015

Susquehanna Valley Audubon Society joined Open Forest this year.   Many thanks to Harold Koch for donating two blue bird boxes for a free give-away.   They were very popular items with the crowd.  Though there was cold weather and snow by mid-day, the guests seemed to enjoy the event.   Theresa Wells hosted a table with some bird images (of local birds that would be seen this time of the year and those returning in spring), birding information and bird sounds.  Duane Wells and Matt Klein assisted in setting up some bird feeders in the tree stand.   We were delighted to be visited by multiple chickadees, a white-breasted nuthatch, 2 downy woodpeckers, and 4 Eastern Bluebirds.

Susquehanna Valley Audubon Society would like to thank Ron Cole, Linda Campbell, the Twigs and the whole team at the Litchfield high School who assisted us and helped make our involvement in the event possible.   We look forward to joining them again in 2016.




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