September 18, 2012

Program – Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012 – Richard Davis discussed bats.

Bio: Rich Davis is a retired psychiatric social worker who worked for the PA Dept.of Public Welfare for 25 years.  After retirement he studied for the ministry and was ordained to the Anglican priesthood in 2007.  He presently works as a hospice chaplain for Memorial Hospital,Towanda,Pa.  He often says,”With the greatest hospice team in N.E.Pa.”  Around 9 or 10 years ago,he attended a Bradford Cnty Conservation program held at Wyalusing Elementary School. There he saw his first demonstration on Bats, by Mrs.Betty Kilmer and Mammals of Pa. by Richard Gulyas, who was the Education Coordinator for Brad.Cnty. Conservation District. He was “hooked” on the beauty of God’s Nature from then on.  He asked Mr. Gulyas if he could get involved and was “hired” immediately. Since then,he has voluntered to work with the Conservation District in the Bradford Cnty school district. He enjoys teaching about bats and mammals to children,and others,hoping to awaken the interests of all to the benefit of these wonderful creatures,and their importance to our environment. He credits all he knows about the joys of conservation topics to Betty
Kilmer, Richard Gulyas and Dan Rhodes, present Education Coordinator. Three great teachers and great people.

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